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ameritas dental stock market and if you hold them for a period of at least years and you let the capital gains and dividends compound now ameritas dental by contrast the interest rate on your mortgage is most likely less than % and that means there’s enough of.

ameritas dental
ameritas dental

A spread between the rate at which you are borrowing money and the rate at which you are likely to receive anticipated returns you know there’s enough of a spread to justify that risk premium so mathematically speaking it makes more sense to invest your money rather .

Than pay off those loans however there is a huge psychological benefit to being mortgage free and if that’s the thing that motivates you if that’s gonna yeah the cliche is does it help you sleep more easily at night but I I would reframe

That a little bit I would ask the question does it motivate you to save more money than you otherwise would because if so then that would be the correct course of action anything that’s gonna motivate you to save more than you otherwise .

Would is going to be the winning decision because at the end of the day your contributions are the single biggest determinant of your success so I know that it’s a bit of a cliche to say do the thing that lights you up but do the thing that lights you up do pick the one that sparks joy now I’m going to give a caveat here which is that I am assuming

That you are contributing to your retirement accounts at least up to the employer match if you are not doing that do that first and if you do not have an employer match I would still put some money in your retirement accounts because saving for retirement is in.

My view it’s a non-negotiable it’s a habit that you always have no matter what year in and year out as fundamental as buying groceries and having.