How To Buy A Renaissance Dental On A Shoestring Budget !!!

What’s the Renaissance Dental difference between all of them so Andres going to take over he has his  own evil soft on his computer so he that’s how much he keeps that on Ego soft he actually plays with it at home and tries to figure things out.

Because you know the software is there to help us but   many times we got to figure out the workarounds for our office so you getting it over onto your screen it’s it’s not looking technology issues.

The top  but I’m just so used to the picture I’m  gonna go right to reports here a couple of things that were on the list were you  know the you know how to get information in smart dock one of my favorite reports honestly is the patient analysis report  and quick easy way to get.

There from your keyboard if you hit P it’ll take you right down to the reports to start with P set having to scroll through it  and let’s go into the patient analysis report so process this report and of course this is a fictitious practice so this isn’t not going to give you a whole  lot of patience.

Renaissance Dental But what I want to look at when I look at this report and I’m going to enlarge it so we get a better idea is the number of active patients in your practice all right the number who  have insurance all right and the breakdown of male-to-female.

What I always look at the in this report and again this is not a real office so this is not a real report but I want to see this breakdown be   or percent of the patients are female and percent of the patients are male and immediately when I open up a report than it looks like this I can probably figure out.

That the office is entering men I mean this  is gonna sound sexist but entering men as patients when they really aren’t there probably calls the olders or they’re responsible parties but aren’t patients. learn more Renaissance Dental