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The chin is is three millimeters¬† dental help¬†closed this might take a few times if they over close remember the wax is soft take it out squeeze the wax posterior and raise it up again have them go through the process Dental help if they haven’t closed enough.

dental help
dental help

You can just have them have them bite into a little harder then I have them close until then I excuse me then I take those lower anterior teeth which are one block of teeth and position them one millimeter in one .

And one millimeter vertical overlap and you could take them bodily since they’re all one piece and quickly position them in that often whacks remember you’ve moved the teeth presumably when you were characterizing it and we’ve

Now determined now determined vertical dimension of occlusion now we find the right place for those lower teeth we can now give a patient a mirror and have them look at it and give us a patient approval remember we have

Maxillary teeth that go from to I mean from to and we have lower teeth in place we have the vertical dimension of occlusion of stabilized centric relations stabilized they can now look at that denture and to my eye that looks great I

Mean that it looks characterized it doesn’t look like a denture the patient can look at it give me approval if they want to do any change is this easy for me to do I can just warm up the up maxillary cast move the teeth a little bit no

problem then I have the patient talk to me since these bases fit so well they’re usually pretty stable and they’re usually stable enough that the patient can speak