Take Advantage Of Portable Waterpik

Philips https://www.dentalwishes.com/portable-waterpik/  I’ve had quite a few people asking me about it and patients asking me about it so I thought I’d do a little review and give you my opinion on it I’ve bought this quite a while ago so this is probably the older model and but.

It’ll probably do very similar thing so out of the box what you get is this unit here which is quite small and light and and it’s got a charger which I haven’t brought with me but you just put the charger in there and plug into the little tip in bathroom socket and then you’ve got a nozzle here and what you do is you just connect that in like that once it’s charged just press.


This button so it’s green when it’s hard I Portable Waterpik  think it flashes orange when it’s low in battery and then you’ve got a little reservoir here which you can put water in or mouthwash but I did read a few reviews that people had used mouthwash.


It to damage the unit so I just stick to water and so what I’m going to do to show you how effective it it is is use this little plaque disclosing tablet so this is a little tablet that you to swell in your mouth and then rinse out after you’ve done that.


It will die of any plaque that’s on your teeth or in between the teeth pin because you can see exactly where you need to clean or where you need to brush so I’ll just show you how to use this tablet or you can buy this in Boots or online they call disclosing tablets or plaque disclosing tablets it’s just a little vegetable dye so just pop in your mouth and then it just dies all the plaque pink so read more Portable Waterpik